If you are having technical issues with the WebEx platform we use for GoodTherapy.org's live CE events, we recommend dialing in to the event using a phone instead of troubleshooting the software while the event is in progress. You can then troubleshoot the software at a later time when it will not conflict with the CE presentation you are trying to access. 

If there is a PowerPoint presentation for the CE event, you can download a .PDF of the presentation here so that you can follow along while listening using the phone connection.

The telephone number and access code for the specific event you want to attend are included in the email you received when you registered. We send this information again by email on the morning of the event. 

Please note: Technical support for WebEx is provided by Cisco. You can contact them here or by phone at 1-866-863-3905.

In the vast majority of cases, simply uninstalling and re-installing the WebEx software will resolve any problems you may experience when connecting to live web conferences. Once you have re-installed the WebEx software, you can then join a test meeting here to confirm it is workingIt may take a few minutes to load the meeting, but once it has loaded, it should display a message saying "The host has not yet joined the meeting." If you see this message, it means your system is set up correctly and you will be able to log into GoodTherapy.org CE events in the future.