's verified calling system sends a notification email for every call that is placed from your profile listing on You will receive an email verifying a call from whether you answer the call, the caller leaves a voicemail, or the caller hangs up without leaving a message. 

If a caller hangs up very quickly after placing the call, it can trigger an email even though your phone may not ring. This is unavoidable in some cases, but it is not common.

If you would like to see how this system works and verify it is working correctly, please feel free to place a test call to the number listed on your profile page. We suggest using a different phone than the one you have on record with us for any test calls. Doing so will help ensure the call is forwarded correctly.

We provide this service in an effort to help you track the source of your referrals, and we include all available caller ID information in these emails so you have the opportunity to follow up with callers, when doing so is appropriate. This referral tracking service is optional, and if you would like to opt out, please let us know at 888-563-2112 ext. 2.