You may not have received the test email message you sent to yourself from your profile for a few reasons. 

The most likely cause is a delay due to spam monitoring. All potential client emails to therapists are moderated for spam and other inappropriate content. Messages are not sent through to you until after they have been moderated, so there is a brief delay. While getting these messages to you as quickly as possible is our top priority, it is also important to us that members receive only real messages from potential clients through our email system. 

Another possible explanation is that your email provider has mistakenly flagged the message as spam. If you do not see your test message in your inbox, please check your spam or junk mail folder. Please be careful not to accidentally mark any emails from as spam, as doing so can prevent future messages from from reaching your inbox.

If you find that neither of these are the reason behind your issue, please contact us so we can help with further troubleshooting. You may also wish to use a different email address for your membership.